We noticed a few customers experiencing problems
A few of our customers were experiencing ftp problem likely due to overzealous firewalls or bandwidth limitations within the unit or on a ship.  If all the below methods fail,  contact us and we can either send an External Hard Drive to you, or you can make a CD/DVD that can be mailed to the address provided at the bottom of your estimate.  Sometimes using MWR or contractor Internet facilities will show these filters or firewalls to not be present.  You can also talk to your IT specialist which may have the capability to turn these hinderences off for you for a short period without hindering COMSEC/OPSEC

(limited to 2GB per transfer)

This is the most effective method, but, requiring the use of a non government machine.  Email us once you have the program installed and we will link to you.  You will have to provide the email linked to the account and we will then send an invite to you which will give you access to your specific directory
FedEx Shipping

For shipping to us utilizing FedEx

for Afghanistan
Our address is at the bottom of the estimate
.have any questions or need any help? Email or call us (24/7) and get a quick response
.  Email any questions, comments, special needs, or help requests by clicking on the right. We want you to be satisfied with our cruise book services. Our reputation depends on it!  And we will do anything to protect that reputation cause it was hard getting to this point . You can also call us 24/7 at the number provided at the bottom of your estimate

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