reward offered

A new twist on an old program that works for all concerned

Bring us in contact with the the Project Officer of a U.S. Naval vessel, USMC unit and if our company is selected to print their Cruisebook, we will credit your ship or unit's Cruisebook order with a $300 deduction for a small book order and up to $500 for a large book order.  In cases of Aircraft Carriers, we will pay as much as $2,500. The finders fee can only be credited toward the purchase of your unit or ship's next book.  

Only stipulation is that you are not assigned to that particular ship or U.S. Marine unit.  You can only collect such a fee on a one time basis for any one unit or ship.  The process can be repeated over and over for other units or ships.  This rule does not apply to other organization to which we have made special offers or with which we have special agreements

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