but, your unit or ship is already deployed?  Have trouble with connectivity to send images and/or files
This is what we suggest:

Send us a CD/DVD or ask us and we will send you a USB External Hard Drive, that you then resend to us with your images and we will do the rest for you
trust our on clients in the menu bar below.  You can also go to and click on one of the covers linked to a PDF book, to enable you to see what we can do
 Request an estimate from us at  We will respond within 24 hours

 Make payment using a chosen method described at

 Save your images and place them onto a CD / DVD and send it to us.  We will design your book for you.  Also provide an image/drawing for the cover of the book and we will design that for you

 Be sure to send us a MS Power Point or MS Word file showing where or how you want the images placed

 Do not have CD/DVD capability? No problem contact us and once you have made a down payment, we will mail you an external USB hard drive, to place your book onto.  After done, you mail it back to us

 In all cases be very sure to provide the following information;
a.)  number of books to be printed
b.)  shipping address at your home base
c.)  name of receiver of shipment
d.)  telephone number of receiver
e.)  date of desired delivery

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